Details of Pre-treatment and Painting Methods

After necessary machine operations like, shearing, punching and bending there is residue of Oil on products.

It is important to remove this to ensure good quality paint finish and long life of the product.

To achieve this, all fabricated components shall be subjected to elaborate surface treatment process by four step seven tank special anti corrosion treatment consisting of the following steps:

  1. Degreasing (Alkaline Cleaning)
  2. Removal of alkaline impurities.
  3. Pickling (Acid cleaning).
  4. Removal of acidic impurities.
  5. Phosphating.
  6. Water Rinsing.
  7. Passivation

After chemical treatment the items are Spray or dipping Painted with high quality Paint purchased from reputed suppliers. After painting, the items are oven baked in our special oven @120 degrees for 30 minutes, to ensure long life and good finish.